Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Make your video ads go viral to boost your lead generation

Brits react better to branded videos that have been recommended to them
In our Key Marketing Trends for you to employ in 2012 Part One blog, we looked at the emerging trend of video marketing as a way of boosting your lead generation. Let's take a closer look.

Video marketing
Video marketing budgets grew by double figures in 2011 and this sector looks set to grow even further this year, especially in terms of viral videos.

Making a video viral just means that it has been shared on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, while users of these sites have also recommended the content to their social media friends.

In this way, online videos can reach a wider audience than just those who visit your website or your YouTube channel.

Benefits of viral video
A new study by Unruly, released on February 7th, found that people react better to branded videos that have been recommended to them by their social media friends than those who have found the content through browsing.

It was found that brand recall and association was seven per cent higher among viewers who had been advised to watch the content in comparison to those who came across the content unintentionally.

A total of 73 per cent recalled the brand represented in the video if their social media friends pointed them to it, while 68 per cent of those who viewed a video after browsing remembered the company involved.

There was also a 14 per cent rise in the number of people who enjoyed the video if it had been recommended and if people enjoy [enjoyed] a video they are [were] 97 per cent more likely to purchase the product seen in the video.

Sarah Wood, chief operating officer of Unruly, commented: "If a brand creates great video content and makes it easy to share, it will see impressive results across the entire purchase funnel."

B2B videos
Online videos created by B2B marketing executives like you will vary from those created by B2C firms but this doesn't mean they should be dull.

After all, the more engaging and funny a video is the more likely it is to be shared on social media sites.

Try creating online videos that showcase how your product or service works in funny circumstances, add interactive elements such as alternative endings, and incorporate question and answer scenarios too.

Let us know if you have seen any interesting B2B videos or if you have created on yourself send it over and we will showcase it in our pipeline e-newsletter.