Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What are your marketing nightmares?

With the emergence of social media and mobile advertising, some of you may be having nightmares about the type of marketing to use to win new business.

Well, look on the bright side! With the growing popularity of these channels, you now have more opportunity to create integrated marketing services and engage with both existing and potential clients.

The Econsultancy blog recently revealed that Twitter is being used by 87 per cent of B2B firms, while Facebook is being used by 82 per cent, 69 per cent are employing YouTube and 57 per cent are incorporating LinkedIn to their marketing campaigns.

Plenty of opportunity to run a social media campaign and attract new clients then, as this channel is great for posting a call to action, leading to offline sales.

But this platform could still be giving you nightmares as B2B buyers will only engage with your Facebook page if it is engaging!

This means writing blogs, posting interesting statuses and delivering content that engages your target audience, which is great if you have the time!

Luckily, Sophia Haynes, director of marketing and communications at the Internet Advertising Bureau, said: "Social [media] definitely is changing a lot of things, but it isn't the answer to everything.

"It can be over relied on and it needs to be part of a considered marketing strategy not sort of 'oh we don't need to spend money on media anymore, stick it all in social '."

Mobile may also be giving you a headache as marketing experts continuously say that this is a lucrative channel and if you aren't involved, you're missing out on leads and sales.

The main way you can get involved with this type of integrated marketing service is by creating a website optimised for use on mobiles.

All you need to do is analyse the amount of traffic visiting your website from mobiles to see if this is worth doing.

If it is worth doing, there are ways in which you can test your website to find out which parts work on mobiles and which bits don't, which can then be changed.

A simple way of incorporating mobile into your marketing activity is by creating email marketing campaigns that can be read on these devices.

The first step in running successful integrated marketing services is ensuring your B2B data and global lists are accurate - something that mardevdm2 specialises in.

So, are these your digital nightmares and how are you planning to overcome them?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Getting started with lead scoring

How to get started with lead scoring?

You may have heard of lead scoring on an increasing frequency recently as it is a new element for many B2B marketers.

Now, you may be wondering what lead scoring actually is, and all it means is assigning points to each new prospect.

Points are assigned based on criteria you set, such as the attributes you've decided are most often associated with serious prospective customers.

This can include seeing who visits your website, downloads your whitepapers and opens your email marketing messages. You can then do a bit of investigation or partner with a database marketing provider to learn the type of company they are from as well as their job title and geographic location.

The higher a prospect scores during this procedure the more likely they are to be actively engaged in the buying process. When leads reach the score agreed upon with sales, they should be sent to the appropriate sales rep, or better yet, automatically assigned in your contact management system.

What criteria do you find most effective for lead scoring?

Learn how mardevdm2 can accelerate your sales with your lead development.

Or simply, request a quote if you'd like to get started.